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Monday, August 29, 2005

Brew Pub: The Brickskeller - Washington DC

This is one of the first great pubs I was ever in. I haven't been there in about 10 years. I first tasted McEwans Scottish Ale here. I think I even bought a whole case shortly after that. I remember walking up into the pub. It was kinda easy to miss as I remember it. There must have been a bar area that we walked past to get to the tables. The tables were in a fairly cozy room that had (what else?) brick walls all around. This place blew my mind. Being a relatively uneducated beer fan I honestly didn't know there were that many types of beer in the world let alone brands. Holy smokes! Here's their beer list. I just hit the BeerAdvocate page myself and it seems that some people have a bone to pick when it comes to the Brickskeller. All I know is that it blew my mind 10 years ago as an uneducated beer fan. I would still go there today. I'll do my homework first of course. I'll go to Beer Advocate to make a list of 20 beers and see if they are on the list. So what, if they don't have 10 of them. I'll be ready for the 10 they do :-) Have you been there? What did you think of the place? Has it changed in 10 years?

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Bryan said...

Would like to post a short reply to keep the conversation moving. Will try to get into more detail later. We were at the Brickskellar just a bit over a year ago at this point. Of course, I was drawn by and quite impressed by their beer list. A few things, though, let me down. Briefly, they are: lack of beers on draft; tight space for hanging at the bar; and bar stools which are anchored to the floor. Didn't try the food, so hard to comment. I have one of their beer menus as a souvenir. On the same trip, I visited McFadden's, Garrett's, and Dave's RFD (my favorite). I'll try to get into Dave's in a later post. But, for now suffice to say that the "space" is more comfortable and open. It's in the Chinatown section, a stone's throw from the MCI Center. Basically, I'd say that if I were in D.C. and had to choose one bar, it would be Dave's RFD (always thought it was a tricky name to remember....doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but whatever :).