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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bock Beer Collection

Before we taste all of these over the next hour I thought I would get a list up here, because, I won't be able to type if I wait until we're done! Just kidding of course. We will be splitting a bottle for each tasting and we usually only taste two in a session (there's that word again). Here's the list from left to right. Bryan, I think we have some work ahead of us.


Jeremy said...

That's a whole lotta bock! Where's my credit for acting as the delivery truck... I didn't drive around with those things clanking in the back of my SUV for nothin! ;-)

BTW... Stoudts is my new favorite brewery... over the past three nights I have had the Triple, Double IPA, and the Oatmeal Imperial Stout... all were excellent!

Bryan said...

Yup, the Double IPA is a stellar version of this style.

And, when you go to Stoudt's, there's a nice little $50/night motel next door if you can't make the drive home ;-)

Great "beer karma" at Stoudt's for sure.

Dan said...

All that bock and no Dead Guy? Or left off from previous tasting/review?

Adam said...

Mmmmm...Dead Guy...time for a trip to the Boat House where they usually have it on tap for $2 during happy hour.

Adam said...

:-) Jeremy....I almost forgot. Thanks for picking up the bock collection for me. I appreciate the beer run.