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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Growing Hops: Jack's Bean Stalk!

See what happened next -> Day 38: 34 inches
Whoa Nellie! 27 inches already?!!! In six days that bine grew 13 inches :-) The other plants are doing well. Here are the heights in inches 27, 14, 11, 11, 8, 4, 1 and 1. Overall this experience has been fun. I've been interested enough to check on them each day after work and water them if it hasn't rained (Lisa too :-). There HAVE been some problems with rabbits, however. At least I think the rabbits did it. Two of the hops plants that were very small keep getting clipped by something. So, I finally took some wire mesh and protected all 6 of the hops plants by the trellis. The other two Cascade already have some plastic mesh surrounding them. So far this has been a great experience. I would recommend you try it. We'll see how I feel in September ;-)
See what happened next -> Day 38: 34 inches

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