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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beer Tasting: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2006)

The Beer: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (2006)
Style: American IPA
Reviews: Beer Advocate Rate Beer

Packaging & Date Stamping: 12oz. brown bottle

From where & how stored: Purchased from Exton Beverage in Exton, PA and stored at cold refrigerated temperatures

Pricing: $35 per case of 24

Availability: Seasonal

ABV, IBU, & Other Numbers: 6.8% ABV; 62 IBU; 16 Plato OG

Adam's Notes
The Look:
- copper clear
- mountainous head eventually dissipating to islands in a ring

The Aroma:
- oh sweet hops

The Taste:
- straight to the hops baby
- enough malt to back it up, but, still leave it hop heavy
- buy it for the hops

The Verdict:
- good session beer for the holidays
- hopefully every house I visit banks on the Sierra Nevada brand and buys it

Bryan's Notes
The Look:
- 2-finger head
- mahogany colored
- clean, filtered

The Aroma:
- pleasant aroma of tamed hops

The Taste:
- medium-bodied
- perfectly carbonated to make the hops dance across the roof of the mouth

The Verdict:
- solid IPA, but not mind blowing...just a nice solid beer with pleasant hops
- a session IPA? depends on your tolerance for hops; a definite for me

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