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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.

Chris LaPierre hammered the tap through the keystone so quickly, I didn't even catch him midswing. Looked much easier than a traditional cask ;-) So the Iron Hill in West Chester got their pumpkin thing on tonight. Chris had the beer in the pumpkin (scraped out and "sanitized" with boiling water) for only about an hour, so it didn't pick up much more essence from the fruit. But, the beer was still a tasty one as you might expect, not overwhelming in any sense of certain "pumpkin" beers. They also put out a nice little spread of food including a delectable pumpkin/vegetable lasagna (they had a better name for it, I just didn't take note), chili, vegetables, and pumpkin cake dessert. A pumpkin-carving contest took place amongst the employees, with the winning entry ("The Booery", of course) awarded a sixtel of pumpkin ale. Oh, and a little gold medal winning beer called Saison, if I recall correctly, was on tap as well ;-) About 5 barrels or so remain, so get there while you can. This won't last. Suze, you showed up after the tapping...did you snap any interesting or compromising pictures? (he asks, knowingly)


Adam said...

Thus ends another good post at...

The Boo Lounge!

Brian said...

lappie looks sooo festive