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Friday, March 27, 2009

Keeping Up

Time's been a little tight lately and will continue to be over the next month or so. Here's just a few words about the last 24 hours and what's been helping to keep time in short supply. Some tasty empanadas to go with a Blue Point Rastafar at St. Stephen's Green. Pleasant conversation with a couple of blokes at the bar. Must go back for a longer experience. At The Beer School observing a Belgian Beer Class led by the affable Dean Browne of Philly Brewing (Porterhouse, too). Well done. A stop-in at Monk's for a sampling of the 75 Minute IPA (yessir, it's a hop-forward beer) from Dogfish Head and their "simul-cask" event. Showed up a couple hours after Wendy tapped her first firkin to get the festivities rolling at 7:50pm. Tasty hop treat, though not quite what I expected...maybe not exactly what DFH was expecting...dunno, more research needed. Kibitzing with some of the scene's usual suspects. No karaoke this time; perhaps a good thing for some that it's only a once-in-a-very-long-while thing. And, even though 6 minutes remained before my train home, I resisted the call of Nodding Head (Fava's Revenge), Ladder 15 (grand opening), and Bridgewater's Pub (as easy as you know I usually make that happen). A pre-long run meal at TJs (pasta, salad, soup, bread, beer). Get to bed for early morning 19 miles.

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