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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beer Wars in Florida

Original plans to see Beer Wars, The Movie near home with local beer buddies fell through when business travel to Florida came up. So, unless I decide that seeing the World Series runners-up play in their lopsided home, I'll be seeking out a theater in Tampa Bay to catch this flick that brings what appears to be some good attention to this industry that we all love so much. Catching up at the official site where Director Anat Baron keeps some blog-like postings, I copied and pasted a recent listing that she did of the top 5 reasons to see the movie. My entry to this list would be: Because when on business travel in Florida and presented with the option to celebrate baseball's second place team in 2008 or beer at the movies, the answer would be what?! Oh, and she also made a point in another posting to respond to some of the criticisms and concerns about the nature of this movie. You can find the responses after making the jump over here. So what are you doing Thursday evening? Relax, watch a movie, have a beer. If I encounter anything interesting before, during, or after the movie and possibly have some enlightening opinions (peanut gallery, shhh) of the movie, I'll share with you later. Top 5 reasons to go see BEER WARS LIVE on April 16th 5. It’s the day after tax day. You made it through another year. 4. You actually care about the subject matter. The continued success of craft beer and craft brewers. 3. It’ll make you CRAVE a great beer. As if you need an excuse… 2. By supporting an independent film you’re ensuring that more films will be made by filmmakers seeking the truth vs. the homogenization of studio films. 1. By attending this event you are showing your support for the craft beer movement. This is as mainstream as it gets. Beer Wars Live is being shown in 440 theaters by the same people who bring the Metropolitan Opera and This American Life into movie theaters. If you don’t show up, it speaks volumes. Everyone is watching…

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tomfoley said...

I went out and drank instead.