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Thursday, June 03, 2010

PBW 2010: I love the creative ones

More than anything in Philly Beer Week history, I think I enjoy the creativity of the events the most. Last year, for example, it was the Kite & Key pairing up with Tom Kehoe's Yards Brewery to put on a memorable early afternoon in Fairmount. Remember? No? Check it out. This year, there are a handful of creative minds at work for events to enjoy, but perhaps none more so than the modes of transportation that the Hammer of Glory will take tomorrow as it traverses the tricycle, by zip line, by dirndl, by hearse, by Rocky...and on and on. Close to 20 joints in all before reaching the Opening Tap event to officially kickoff the Imperial Week of Philly Beer. Go check out the itinerary and let me know if you'll be joining in along the way. Missus Brew Lounge may be filling in for me during the afternoon. Apparently, she's made some suspicious-sounding plans with a guy named Foley. I've just learned of this.


Dan Bengel said...

Don't be afraid......much

Bryan Kolesar said...

Now that I understand that I had the story wrong---it's a Big One and not a Foley---I'm thinking I'm even more concerned ;-)

tom foley said...

why am I just finding out about this?

Bryan Kolesar said...

Foley, now it really is time for you to know b/c apparently Bengel will be standing her up. This will not go over well! Fortunately, she said, there will be plenty of other friends there :)