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Monday, September 06, 2010

Lawnmower beer. Still have a couple of months before you put these away for the year.

Here on Labor Day weekend, the so-called 'End of Summer', is it the appropriate time to bring up Lawnmower Beers? Well, we still have two months of lawn mowing and plenty of leaf collection to do before we put away the lawn and garden equipment for the year, right? And, I'm betting that your local beer distributor (you know what those things are if you're here with me in Pennsylvania) still has some cases of tasty, relatively lower alcohol beer on the shelves. They may even be discounting them as we begin to see the fall and winter seasonals showing up. If you haven't already this summer, go out and grab some beer from 21st Amendment (Hell or High Watermelon Wheat), Sly Fox (Phoenix Pale Ale), Lancaster Brewing Company (K├Âlsch), Yuengling (Lord Chesterfield), or Bavik (Wittekerke) and taste how refreshingly, uh, refreshing--but yet still tasty--these can be on a hot summer or warm fall day after a day of yard work.

1 comment:

andrew said...

I met Sir Lord Chesterfield during beer week this year, and I would definitely consider sipping a can of his ale on a hot summer day. The rest of the lineup looks great too. Hell or High Watermelon borders on tasting like a malt beverage rather than a beer, but then again, so does Festina Peche and other fruit-based beers...