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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Run to stay warm...and drink Belgian beer at TJ's

It was cold, like 8 degrees wind-chill cold--fahrenheit, not celsius, for any of you unaware or not in the northeast this week. We ran, the five of us--two from Philly (Kevin and Eric, Fishtown Beer Runner superstars) and the two Steves from TJ's. The Belgians awaited. We ate, drank, laughed, and refueled some more. Best post-run beer on the tap list? Easily the 3.5% ABV Dupont Avril. The tastiest session beer and it maintains the distinctive Saison flavor. Jack would've been pleased. Big Dan showed up. We left. I watched the tap list throughout the evening to determine if we might make a second session trip back to TJ's Belgian Beer Paradise event for a De Dolles Oerbier or Dulle Teve. Not to be on this particular Saturday, though. Tomorrow, the weekday keg kicker special returns with spectacular $3 deals on the following (subject to availability, of course): Petrus Aged Pale; Sint Canarus Potteloereke; Brasserie de Cazeau Noel; TJ's 7th Anniversary Ale. Oh, and of what is left today according to TJ's real-time tap list, the following carry a consensus recommendation based on my own preferences as well as others that I heard around me. Gouden Carolus Grand Cru. Brasserie Ellezelloise Hercule Stout. Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale. Brasserie Dupont Moinette Brune. Boon Kriek. La Rulles Tripel. De Dochter Finesse.

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