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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

San Francisco Beer Week 2011 countdown

It's back again and the schedule is finally up on the official website. Mother Nature willing, I'll be back there again this year. She interrupted my travel plans last year and I improvised here on the East Coast if you recall. The 2nd Annual Run is due to take place on Sunday the 13th. I'll have a bit more to tell about this in coming days.


Rich Isaacs said...

Maybe it's just because I can only really do anything on the 11th or 12th, but there weren't any events that jumped out at me. Am I missing something?

kmudrick said...

Rich, the Vintage Beer event on the 11th and the Barrel aged Beer event on the 12th are the events I'd definitely go to if I was there...

Bryan Kolesar said...

I guess it depends upon how you look at the list and how experienced you are in and around SF.

Unless you travel there quite a bit, I see a lot of establishments that many beer travelers may not be familiar with. And, while the City has plenty to offer, the Double IPA Fest (if you're a hophead) is well worth the BART train ride south to Hayward.

But, with such a short time there, it seems that the opening gala would be an excellent opportunity to find a lot of beers/breweries that we don't see on the East Coast and special ones that you won't have time to track down during the rest of SFBW.

I wasn't planning on getting too establishment-specific in this reply, but I'd be remiss in not reiterating what I think is consistently some of the best beer made in a city that has some very good breweries: Magnolia. I see that every day they're doing a pairing menu with their beers at their sister establishment, The Alembic.

Rich Isaacs said...

Hmm, thanks guys. My sister-in-law really liked Magnolia and the ones Kevin suggested sound good. I figured I just didn't look carefully enough honestly.