Friday, October 21, 2011

And yet one more beer that I don't have to search out when I travel

Maui Brewing is coming to the East Coast, so reports

To me, it's a double-edged sword. Here's a brewery that makes great beer, Great--Local--Beer.

On one hand, don't get me wrong, the ability to buy it so close to home is, according to the greedy consumer in me, great. Bikini Blonde, Big Swell, and, yes, CoCoNut Porter will all find their way into my cooler after my next trip to Maryland/DC/Virginia...but of course.

But, on many other hands, it just feels wrong. It's a Great--Local--Beer. Local to Hawaii -- to Maui. It's just one more thing that makes traveling to Maui more interesting. The lush landscape, the luaus, the aloha....and the beer from Maui Brewing Company.

Sure, it'll still taste fresher, and presumably better, when visiting the 50th state. Fortunately, of course, their brewpub will always have plenty more other beers that never make it off the island. Knowing, though, that I can get some of them on the East Coast will take just a bit of the thrill out of drinking them in Hawaii.


flkjwelkj said...

however I go in my fridge for a beer more often than to a plane for a trip to Maui - so bring the beer to me.

andrew said...

I just got back from the Big Island, where I drank copious amounts of Maui Brewing Co's cans. Kona Brewing only brews kegs on location, with all bottled brews being contracted to Widmer Bros in Portland, OR. Felt silly buying a six pack of "Hawaiian" beer brewed on the mainland and then shipped to HI... I thought Maui's cans tasted better either way — vs Kona's bottles _and_ kegs.