Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brew Lounge on Twitter- yes, no, or don't care?

Buried in yesterday's wrap-up of the Craft Beer Express in Philly was my question about me making more use of The Twitter via my iPhone when out at certain events that lend themselves to it.

I posted up at least a dozen Tweets with accompanying pictures during the course of 8 hours in Philly for the Craft Beer Express. But, other than replies and retweets, it's sort of difficult to determine the impact of Twitter.

I'm asking to hear from you to help me gauge to what extent I may do this in the future. Please take a minute or two to provide feedback in the Comments Section below.


Greg said...

I was a fairly late convert to Twitter, but I think it's valuable for a number of reasons. I would say stay on it for a couple reasons:

1. The direct interaction possible with brewers, writers and other beer people is unique. It is sporadic, of course (no one has to "answer" a tweet), but it is enjoyable when it leads to conversation.

2. Sort of like blogging, it takes time to grow enough of a familiarity with the community that reactions are fairly consistent (again, part of the magic of Twitter is its unpredictability). I've found it to reward people who devote some continued time to using it.

3. This one is sort of selfish, but one of the ways people judge things like how good a "beer city" a place might be is on the vibrancy of its social media scene. Just look at the Twitter presences in Asheville and Portland, for example. Philly is doing some very cool things with tech and beer Having one of Philly's best and most read beer bloggers more involved on Twitter only helps the perception of the city.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Thanks for your input, Greg. Valuable stuff there.

So I'm guessing anyone else reading through my questions either is: a) a reader that tuned out at the word "twitter", b) a twitterist who got lost here after 140 characters, or c) there's probably a third choice that I can't think of now, but you've always got to list at least 3 choices in a multiple choice, right?!

For more responses, I probably should've posted one of those poll widget-y thing-ers.

But, seriously, Greg...thanks for taking the time to respond and your points, particularly number 3, factor in some way to my decision to do more event-baseed tweeting.

Or maybe everyone already figured I had my mind made up to do so.

Either way, let's all go Tweeting over there and see what happens.