Sunday, November 20, 2011

A stop at Capone's for "scraps" of one more of this weekend's Greatest Hits

This weekend around the Philly beer scene (actually both lower case and Upper Case) saw a little bit of every kind of beer thing imaginable.

I did the whole Twitter thing, which, by now, I'm sure is getting to be a bit of a boring story line. Nonetheless...

I, as my human limitations demanded, stopped in at Iron Hill's 15th Anniversary Party in Newark, Del. and drank from a flight of firkins.

Good times.

Then, I dipped into some chowders, porter, stouts, chocolates, and the like at Rolling Barrel's 2nd Annual Stout and Chowder Festival at Penn's Landing.

Great venue. A "welcome beer" on the elevator to the top floor of the Seaport Museum.

AND, Manayunk Brewing under the direction of Doug Marchakitus (head brewer) and Jeff McCracken (brewer) continues to impress.

I won't say that I was the first, but after I proclaimed the Manayunk Porter the beer of the night, I heard a half dozen of so others also make the same reference. Not to say there weren't other very good beers (Flying Fish's annual release of Grand Cru Winter Reserve impressed as always as did Dock Street's Satellite Espresso Stout....just two for-examples), but Manayunk's beers since Doug arrived from Iron Hill continue to remind us all that it would be unwise to overlook this Manayunk mainstay.

But, on to tonight. Yesterday, a major beer geek tasting took place at Capone's outside of Norristown. I suppose it was a bit of a warmup of what has become the Black Friday event around Philly.

In any case, I needed to pick up some bottles that they've held for me for quite some time and I figured it be good for a Sunday night dinner and to check out what "scraps" remained from yesterday's event.

Figured you'd like to know as well.

Struise Pannepot
Struise Black Damnation
Struise Black Damnation #4 Coffee Club
Struise Saint Amatus
Struise Tsjeese Reserva ['09]
Mikkeller Black Hole Imperial Stout (Red Wine barrel-aged)
Mikkeller Black Hole Imperial Stout (White Wine barrel-aged)


Rich Isaacs said...

Hah, I drank nearly the same things except I didn't have Pannepot since I've had that a bunch or the Tsjeeses Rererva since I thought it was kind of terrible. The oak ruined everything I liked about the base beer.

What did you think of the Red and White wine Black Holes? I liked the red wine as I find red wine complements stouts just like it complements chocolate. The white was a bit too winey for me.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Ha, you're funny Rich. I got there less than an hour before they closed on Sunday and only had time for two. Though, based on the combined ABVs of all of them, I can only imagine how long you were to enjoy all of them. The list I made there above was supposed to be a list of all of the special beers available, not the ones I had!!

Anyway, I didn't have either of the Mikkellers, but did have the Struise Black Damnation and St. Amatus. Really enjoyed the latter, great balance of all the flavors without out being too much of anything, including perceived alcohol. The Black Damnation seemed to not "pop" with flavor the way I thought it would.

But, the whole Sunday thing is a word of caution for anyone unaware. They close the restaurant and bar early. That particular day, they were making last call at 8:30 p.m.