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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 5/14/12

Spanning the world of beer news, from Philadelphia to India

~ Really, it took us a whole month to become surprised by this turn of events?

~ On a brighter note, it may be Delaware Avenue, but I have higher hopes for this newly announced venue. Partially because Fergie Carey is involved in it. Here's one link to the venue's website and one to Collin Flatt, over at

~ The "session debate" rages on, encouraged by our own local Lew Bryson. A recent posting of his is as good of a place as any to begin.

~ Some more Goat Race goodness courtesy of Jack Curtin -- here and here and here and here -- who seemed to apologize for an over-coverage of the event. Probably just compensating for those of us who were not there to do so. But, really, tell me there's anything out there quite like it.

~ Am I the only one that missed this news from Belgium?

~ Is drinking on the job getting a Mad Men boost?

~ India meets craft beer, southern California-style. Courtesy of The Beer Wench, I'll be looking forward to hearing more from the hinted future interview.

~ And, this just in....Independence Brewing from India (see last bullet) has a kickstarter campaign, if you are so inclined to pitch in.

1 comment:

Rich Isaacs said...

Nice to still see you posting even though you're in Belgium. =)

As far as the Drie Fonteinen thing, it stinks the lambikodroom is being closed but the restaurant is still open at least. My wife and I are still going to visit the area anyway.