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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: July 2012 catch-up, installment #3

Part 3 of my attempt to catch you up with some of the things that I and/or you may have missed over the past couple of months.

~ Philly Tap Finder continues to grow and be the best local source for finding your favorite beers on tap at your favorite watering holes. Jared and Kristy recently undertook a major upgrade and share all the changes with you.
~ I mentioned the other day about a favorite son of the city moving on to Maine. Jack Curtin reported another gem in the Philly brewing scene, award-winning John Rehm and his plans to move to Connecticut. Rehm was most recently at Philadelphia Brewing Company for the past five years or so.
~ Call me a grump or a cynic, but here we go again with another beer garden concept.

~ As usual, Lew Bryson digs in to the ugliness that is government's role in alcohol control. If it hasn't been, particularly if you're a resident of Pennsylvania, this should certainly be on your regular reading list.
~ Speaking of "the Man", they somehow got wind of uber-popular (and quite reasonably-priced and run) Iron Hill Mug Club and forced a restructure. Iron Hill seems to be rolling with it quite well, engaging their customers, and rebuilding it. Here's the scoop from them.

~ I have many fond memmoris of Maui beer when in Hawaii back in 2009, so this story figured to be worth sharing with you.
~ Of course beer is about having fun too, right? Here's a quick break for you to head over to YouTube and check out the Canadian National Anthem...and Molson, seriously. It's only 1:14, go and enjoy.

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