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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 3/9/13

A healthy variety of news from the Philadelphia region and beyond. Some fun, some controversial. Enjoy your weekend reading. Later, go grab a beer with friends; it shouldn't be too hard this weekend to find a beer event to your liking, right?

~ It will always be Dickens Inn to me.

~ Cool news I picked up by way of Grub Street.

~ And some more great news for an old spot.

~ And with this news, Philly Beer Week 2013 is on!

~ The Monkeys are out of the barrel.

~ The privatization of Pennsylvania's LCB. Here we go again. Next verse, same as the last how many? Or is there a new day coming?

~ A mid-Atlantic guy winds up in Sarasota.

~ The 1107th richest man in the world. Or the 359th in the U.S. At $1.3B, not too shabby.

~ Firestone and barrels. We've been saying that for a while. Now, look what they've been up to.

~ Excellent quote: "As soon as you say you want to be more like wine, the battle is lost"

~ Please let's hope this goes away, because it doesn't deserve to be a real case.

~ A fine debate to discuss the "I still don't get it"-crowd.

~ If you're citing Bitter American, that's a pretty good start in my mind.

~ If I ever run the Boston Marathon (not very likely, given the challenging qualification times), I'd be very happy to see this beer at the finish line.

~ This heart-warming quote amongst other exclusive material at (“Our belief is to focus on our own history of innovation rather than running around trying to copy other people.”)

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