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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Three questions about covering Philly Beer Week 2013

If you've hung out here in The Brew Lounge long enough, you know how I have put a whole lot of effort in to each of the five Philly Beer Weeks (PBW).

They've typically consisted of preliminary content building up to PBW in various forms from brewery profiles to personal insights on the impending ten days of PBW debauchery. Then, during PBW, each day has been previewed in the days prior and wrapped-up in the following days. Plenty of pictures and words have typically ensued.

Then, in the days following Day 10, I have usually put together a retrospective and summary of all ten days culled from my own experiences as well as anecdotal evidence from those I've encountered along the way.

This year? Well, this year, I feel like I'm at a bit of a crossroads with regard how to "cover" Philly Beer Week.

While historically the content I've assembled has generated decent traffic and response, it definitely comes at a cost. Mostly in time and lost sleep. Not that I'm complaining; it's been part of my M.O. since this thing got started around here in 2005. For little to no pay, you probably realize that it's not the reason I do it.

With social media more popular than ever, I figured it's time to ask for a little input when it comes to covering Philly Beer Week.

Please check out the simple three questions below and take just a few seconds to respond to help guide me in providing you all the most useful content from May 31-June 9.

And, thank you.

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