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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 9/14/13

I long ago lost the ability to keep up with even half the beer news out there in the wild and wacky world of craft beer. There was a time I attempted daily (or even more frequent) updates with interesting tidbits from around the brewniverse along with small contributions of my own thoughts.

That has yielded to my weekly updates that you'll find here every Saturday morning with some of what I consider to be some of the more interesting news out there that you might like to add to your weekend reading list (or Monday morning at work, depending upon your preference).


~ Shame to hear since Kimpton hotels are solid and we know that Tellez is a supporter of great beer, particularly his hometown Victory.

~ Did you know the most recent Draught Lines is out from Origlio. Check it out, particularly (and selfishly) since you'll find a piece from me featured prominently on page 3.

~ Our old friends from Philly, Mike Fava and Casey Hughes, have brewed up a collaboration beer.

~ Thought-provoking article.

~ DC Brau made the list.

~ Joe Sixpack offers up additional proof that beer, for better or worse, may in fact be the new wine. Particularly if we're going down this path.

~ I like this story about brewing in Santa Cruz as much because I've been there (love it) as the emphasis on the outdoors, brewing, and session beers

~ It's just beer marketing being marketing, of course, but in light of Patriot Day, it's pretty good video tribute to NYC.

~ Now cleared for takeoff.

~ A look at what's happening around some of Colorado's finest breweries during recent devastation. An inside look from "Chipper Dave".

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