Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 9/28/13

I long ago lost the ability to keep up with even half the beer news out there in the wild and wacky world of craft beer. There was a time I attempted daily (or even more frequent) updates with interesting tidbits from around the brewniverse along with small contributions of my own thoughts.

That has yielded to my weekly updates that you'll find here every Saturday morning with some of what I consider to be some of the more interesting news out there that you might like to add to your weekend reading list (or Monday morning at work, depending upon your preference).


~ Tom Kehoe talks Yards.

~ Say it with me Austin Powers, one beeelion dollars.

~ Not only has Brew Dogs debuted on Esquire Network, the Philly episode is slated for October 1.

~ A tantalizing forward from

~ The September 12 episode was one of the most coherent (verbal) articulations I've heard on the subject of "session" beer.

~ This is a fun companion to the kickoff of the NFL season.

~ Oft times, I'm at least one or two of the people on this fun list. Who are you?


Jack Curtin said...

The Philadelphia-based episode of Brew Dogs is actually scheduled for Oct. 8.

Bryan Kolesar said...

I took my information from the PR information sent to me just in the past week. Maybe you have more current information?

Jack Curtin said...

Just go to you TV and look at the schedule for this week and next for Brew Dogs (I assume your provider gives you a brief description--this week is San Francisco, next is Philly). A lot of the Esquire channel info sent out is screwed up, including, at least for Comcast, the channel on which it runs.

Jack Curtin said...

Not sure if this went through. You TV listings should show you if you go to the Brew Dogs list for this week that it is sent in San Francisco and next week is in Philly. A lot of the Esquire Channel info sent out has been screwed up, including for Comcast at least, the actual channel # where it is being broadcast).

Jack Curtin said...

Here's a link to time change info: