Friday, May 26, 2006

Growing Hops: Three Days Growth

See what happened next -> Day 22: Watch them Grow - 5 inches Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I need to get better with my camera on these close shots.
Just about two inches of growth over three days, Monday evening to Thursday evening. There are three shoots coming up on this Cascade Hops plant. The others are doing ok as well. Overall I think half of them have broken the surface. Again I have been watering them with Miracle Grow almost daily.
See what happened next -> Day 22: Watch them Grow - 5 inches


Chris said...

How long have you been dumping miracle grow on them? If it's more than 2 weeks you should give them a break for a week or two. Too much juice can make them shoot upwards without building a strong root system, resulting in spindly vines. Then again, if this is the first year you've had them in the ground they're not going to produce much in the way of cones, all you really want to do is help it get established for future years.

Hooray for hops!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Mine has a special auto setting for pictures closer than, hm, 3 inches I think? See if your's has one and it might help. (It's good, too, for taking pictures of textbook material close-up.

Adam said...

Chris, thanks. I have been giving them Miracle Grow for about a week. Thanks for the tip. I'll put it to good use :-)

Thanks Bryan. I tried the macro feature, but, it didn't seem to work. The hard part is getting so close to the ground and still seeing the lcd view finder. Besides the fuzziness doesn't show on the little LCD.