Tuesday, March 06, 2007

East End Brewing Company & Trip to Pittsburgh

I'll be in that neck of the woods soon and I'm planning to stop at East End Brewing Company on Thursday. As luck would have it I'll be able to make it for Growler Hours. Any suggestions on what to get my growler filled up with?


Bryan Kolesar said...

As much as possible, please :)

Nate said...

Just an FYI: If you don't already have an East End growler, don't bother to take your own with you. Scott can only fill up growlers (clear glass, unfortunately) with the East End name on it.

I haven't gone wrong yet with any of his beers. You get to taste everything he has available before making a purchase. Don't forget the Ugly American and Gratitude bottles, too!

Adam said...

I knew you guys wouldn't let me down :-) Thanks Nate!

Bottles? Sweet!

Anonymous said...

I was just there last weekend. If The Bitter End is still on...buy that and nothing else. OK...the BS Stout is killer and worth it too...but...TBE is such a beautifully hoppy session brew.

Stock up on '06 Gratitude as well.

With luck the Witte should be back this week.

Have fun!

Eli said...

I can't really say anything these guys haven't covered already.

I really liked the Snow Melt and its only a winter beer, so if there is any of that left, snatch it up!

Adam said...

I'm baaaaack and bearing er...gifts. What a great experience. I'll be posting about it soon. Loren, no Bitter End :-(, but, it was a happy ending to my trip to Pittsburgh.