Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Airplane On-Board Beer, yes please?

Just got an e-mail from US Airways. They are running a survey to find out what kind of beverages their customers prefer while flying. Even when I chose water, the survey then went on for a couple of more questions regarding beer and my preferences. Needless to say, I filled in the "other" blank. Hopefully it will also be needless to say that there may soon be better options on board US Airways flights. Not sure if the link will work from here, but if so...knock yourself out and make your voice heard too. Vote for Change!

Let US know what quenches your thirst onboard

We'd like to find out what you like to drink on US Airways flights. We'll use your feedback to help improve our drinks onboard. This survey will only take a couple minutes. Thanks for your help. Take our survey

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