Friday, December 31, 2021

Hello. Is this thing on? Who needs a beer to close out 2021?

According to stats for, I haven't had anything to say or share here in the year 2021. How can that be? Well, at least here on the last day of the year, I'll change that and at least not show a goose egg for the first time in the 16 year history of The Brew Lounge.

Will that change in 2022? Dunno, too soon to say. Should probably figure out first if I have anything in my voice to add to the industry and whether it's something that beer drinkers care about. If the answers are difficult to come by, maybe I'll write about wine, or gin, or mezcal instead.  😏

In the meantime, similar to my Christmas Eve Beer Run of 2020, I'm going to head out today and share some financial love with local breweries and stock the New Year's Eve fridge. I have quite a list in front of me; we'll see how well it goes. Philly, DelCo, and ChesCo are all in my sights.

Sucks to say that we're entering a second winter season that could be really tough on the food/beverage/hospitality industries. Do what you can to keep them going.

Time to hit the road. Follow me somewhere in the social wilds to see whose malted barley beverages I'm bringing home with me today. And however you celebrate New Year's Eve, may it be a healthy and happy one. Cheers!

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