Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Philly Beer Week, you can't quit us. June 3-June 12, 2022.

(TLDR? - Well, shame on you, but go ahead and Click Here anyway)  😎

It took me 364 days to get my first Brew Lounge posting of 2021 out there in the wild. Only took me 5 months here in 2022! What does that mean? Oh, likely not much. However, just because I haven't been writing about the beer scene doesn't mean it still doesn't interest me.

So then what do we have here? Why, it's Philly Beer Week, back in action in 2022. The older ones of you likely know of my work at this time of every year (except, 2008 and 2009, the first two years of PBW, when it was during 10 days in early March) covering the people, places, sights, sounds, events, and antics of our beloved imperial beer week.

Included in my annual coverage leading up to and summarizing in post mortem each year's beer week was an Excel-based schedule that aimed to make an easy-to-use utility for beer lovers to use in navigating the hundreds of events across both the city and suburbs.

This year, PBW appears to be gaining some steam and ready to kickoff this coming Friday (yup, in two days). But with resources reportedly running low over at PBW HQ, the schedule of events has been left up to social media and each event coordinator's diligence in posting and promoting events.

All that being said, can Philly Beer Week quit us, its thirsty fan base? Perhaps not, but it seems I can't quit PBW either! I've done the legwork to scrape and claw my way through Instagram (the apparent most popular platform for advertising events this year), Facebook, Twitter, and individual establishment websites.

Use this link to find the spreadsheet of events that I've compiled for your perusal. It's already helped me determine what I might do and hopefully has the same result for you. And, who knows, maybe I'll even see at an event or two.

p.s. Did I miss something? If a new flurry of events pops up in the coming days (which is quite likely if the past behavior is any indication), I'll update the spreadsheet.  Let me know at

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