Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 9/3/12

Not sure how many of you are sitting behind a computer screen today, but if you don't see this today, it'll still be waiting for you tomorrow morning as you head back to your desk.

~ On one hand, I can't believe I missed this video as part of Philly Beer Scene Awards wrap-up. Then again, it only was only uploaded last week and had only 165 views as of this morning. And I thought I was slow in publicizing my material in a timely fashion. Watching the full video reminds me that I missed out on a pretty good night in Philly beer.

~ I found that nifty link at PhillyPhilms website where they announced the North American premiere of Beeradelphia, to be held Thursday, September 27 at World Café Live.

~ What a really nice tribute by Sly Fox to two phenomenal Philadelphia publicans, Mike "Scoats" Scotese and William Reed.

~ I'd been keeping tabs on the developing Susquehanna Brewing Company but lost track a little while back like, apparently, Lew Bryson did too. He's caught up sooner than I did and here's his report. Though, it's why he gets paid the bigger bucks, so I'd expect this type of diligence from him.

~ In keeping with its consistent past, Iron Hill represented the local craft brewing industry well, this time in front of PLCB regarding their recent proclamation on the topic of "mug clubs", which Iron Hill runs one of the industry's most popular and successful. My favorite quotes? "...aimed at solving a problem where none existed." and "Hardly seems like we are all playing by the same rules." and "...outdated strict interpretations of the law, that interfere with the growth of small businesses."

~ Tom Cizauskas had a nice tribute to Michael Jackson last week on the 5-year anniversary of Jackson's passing.

~ Neither website has the updated news, but Alan Shapiro has sold his SBS-Imports to Artisanal Imports. Shapiro has been responsible for importing beers like DeProef and Bellegems and being a part of the well-regarded "REUNION - A Beer for Hope" project.

~ Congratulations, homebrewers. You got your precious honey beer recipe from the White House. Now, what are you going to do with it except pick it apart to criticize? Will honey beer submissions explode in homebrewing competitions? I will add, however and without any additional snark, that the video is a pretty cool shootout to homebrew. Hits the basics that should make it seem pretty approachable to the uninitiated.

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