Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 2/16/13

I may have recently been off the East Coast grid spending eight of ten SFBW days in northern California. That won't stop me from getting the weekend news wrap out to you. See you soon.

~ Always fun to check in with what James Spencer is doing at Basic Brewing Radio. On Feb. 7 episode, he focused the state of the industry/hobby and on Philly as the host of this year's NHC.

~ Interesting concept coming to Chestnut Street.

~ Interesting, if not puzzling, scuffle with Yuengling apparently initiated by the City of Philadelphia. And a small piece of follow-up.

~ Band of Brewers appeared to be a great success. Fun times to from a review of the videos out there. Seems if you hit this one link, it'll take you to a playlist that includes most or all of the videos of the band performances and awards.

~ And, if you feel like thumbing through 555 (!) pictures, well you could do that as well.

~ Flying Fish has a message for Sandy...FU. Help them spread the message.

~ This here is a fine piece of work by the esteemed Lew Bryson.

~ Lew Bryson, as we'd hope and expect, takes on the latest round of likely proposed legislation to come out of Harrisburg's and the Governor's office. And, then some follow-up from

~ Victory's progress appears to be coming along nicely according to a new YouTube video from them. They've also put up a nice retrospective on their time in Downingtown.

~ A bit of booze news that involves Harrisburg, but not the type you might think.

~ Some moving news from Iron Hill.

~ If it's February, it must be time for Pliny.

~ Drink if you've heard this somewhere before.

~ Thought-provoking stuff from Stan.

~ Business as usual at the taps in Toronto?

~ Alan would like us to have a better balanced perspective.

~ Nice piece about Allagash's continued growth.

~ With my recent stop in Los Angeles and a run-in with the rather new Golden Road Brewing at LAX, it seems a good time to link to Jay's review of the beer as well as the Golden Road blog with owner Meg Gill featured on Steve Harvey Show.

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