Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ten years of serving at The Brew Lounge, Part 4 - Let's Make a Date of it

After much too time between installments here, I've returned with another in the series that looks back on the ten years of my writing here at The Brew Lounge. So far I've taken a look at my early days and the importance of place in parts 1 through 3. Check 'em out using the little navigation front and back links I put up top and at the bottom here. I've got another 9 scheduled so let's see how that goes! For now....

What's more important in the beer industry than events? Of course I realize that it's not that simple and that events are merely an important part of the equation to winning the game. But, without events, the ability to reach consumers drops in the ever-competitive landscape of beer marketing.

Consumers really are the end game, that probably goes without saying. With consumption typically meant as a fun and social endeavor, it stands to reason that establishments that put their best foot forward with beer events will prosper more than those that do not.

Of course, it's not a golden rule. But it certainly explains the overwhelming popularity of weekly and monthly beer events that I have listed here at The Brew Lounge since late in 2005.

Here's a link to the master view since "the beginning of time".

Once I saw the intense interest from beer lovers wanting to know where to find their favorite beverage, I ramped up my efforts for what resulted in the most comprehensive beer events calendar in the region. So much so that Mid-Atlantic Brewing News took notice and asked me to assist with their Hop Tips, a bi-monthly beer events calendar for PA, NJ, DE, MD, WV, VA, and DC blasted out via e-mail. They, too, were a big hit when I was writing in the Communities section of the Washington Times. Even Philly Beer Week, this year, asked me to lend a hand with the events calendar.

As my "traditional" writing here in the pages of The Brew Lounge as slumped in the last couple of years, I've vowed to always keep the beer event listings going. The stats show that it's been worth my while. As do the occasional beers and shout-outs that I get along the way at bars and festivals. From my perspective, it's crucial to the industry for both consumers as well as producers and proprietors. It really is the key to the world of beer from a consumer's point-of-view.

As a final note, if it wasn't abundantly clear, I don't quibble about what is or what is not an event. And there is no price for listing. If an establishment makes the effort to create a named event - anything from a free sampling to a full-blown festival or dinner - it gets listed. I never hit 100% of all events conducted in the region - that would be nothing but impossible - but plenty of folks help out by sending notes, texts, etc. in order to keep me in the loop.

In turn, I keep you in the loop.

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