Friday, November 04, 2016

November 2016: News update, part 1

(Photo credit: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Back again here with the next round of recent beer news covering the serious to the silly. Let's get to it:

Dare I say that Pennsylvania is creeping up oh-so-dangerously to the 21st century?! [Link to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

And, change? How's this for change? In their words: "It's true! Carry out bottled wine goes on the shelves starting November 1". [Link to Local 44 Bottle Shop]

Sounds like another great year in Pottstown. [Link to The Town Dish]

I was cited in Michael Klein's column, so the least I can do is send you back to check it out. [Link to]

How's that for some innovation from ABIB?! [Link to ABC-7 in Denver]

The campaign to get the Brew: The Museum of Beer off the ground in Pittsburgh is up and running. [Link to]

Well, now how did this end up happening? [Link to Philly Voice] And then this happened. [Link to JockPop]

And on a similar note, local Dock Street takes on the evil empire. [Link to Billy Penn]

There was the Travelocity Beer Tourism Index that Jay Brooks broke down [Link to Brewers Association]

And then the American Homebrewers Association released its recommended seven hot homebrew-related travel destinations [Link to the AHA]

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