Friday, January 20, 2017

January 2017: News update, part 2

News wire is heating up now that we've got the holidays packed up in a box behind us and 2017 squarely in front of us and under way. Here are some bits and bytes you should be aware of from the last few weeks.

~ On the way to Cape May....and another Final Four appearance? [link to Cape May Brewing Company blog]

~ This is very good. It's from Lew Bryson, so not a surprise. [link to The Daily Beast]

~ I, too, have found too many breweries and bars not taking enough time to care about things, like cask ale, that require both time and care. Very interesting read. [link to Your For Good Fermentables]

~ Last time here, it was Bell's Hopslam release schedule that I shared with you. If you like that one, I'm guessing that you'll find this one at least as interesting, or maybe more so. -- [link to Russian River's blog]

~ Mitch Steele nails it. [link to The Hop Tripper]

~ Closing in Philly. [link to]

~ Excellent piece on the growler. I'm in the same camp as the author, rarely ever filling growlers in the last couple of years and reconsidering my "collection". [link to Draft Magazine]

~ Here's a 2017 list to know. [link to Uwishunu]

~ More Flying Dog to come. [link to Area Development]

~ Now this sounds a bit confusing, does it not? [link to The Full Pint]

~ I liked Helltown so much, I included them in my book. Nice to see them growing into Pittsburgh. [link to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

~ Because I know you've been asking what came of Curt Decker from Nodding Head Brewery that closed nearly 2 1/2 years ago. [link to]

~ Drink up, as if your kid's future depends upon it! [link to Joe Sixpack]

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