Thursday, May 30, 2019

Rest up tonight Hammer of Glory, your big day is tomorrow

(HOG shenanigans in 2017 with Allagash's Rob Tod, Suzy Woods, and Katie Tella)

Remember that detailed itinerary for the Hammer of Glory I referred to the other day? Found it. Thanks to Mr. Scoats and Ms. Dowd for forwarding along to me.

25 stops in 9 hours. Looks like we'll finally get a break in monsoon season and a great weather day to kick off PBW 2019. Can you keep up?

Stop #1 10:00-10:13 AM Hop Angel Brauhaus 7980 Oxford Avenue [event listing link]
Stop #2 10:43-10:56 AM Grey Lodge Pub 6235 Frankford Ave [event listing link]
Stop #3 10:58-11:11 AM Chickies & Petes 4010 Robbins Ave [event listing link]
Stop #4 11:31-11:44 AM Bonks Bar 3467 Richmond Street [event listing link]
Stop #5 12:02-12:15 PM Philly Brewing 2440 Frankford Ave
Stop #6 12:33-12:46 PM Evil Genius Lab 1727 N Front St [event listing link]
Stop #7 12:56-1:09 PM Garage Fishtown 100 E Girard Ave [event listing link]
Stop #8 1:10-1:23 PM Johnny Brendas 1201 Frankford Ave [event listing link]
Stop #9 1:33-1:46 PM El Camino Real 1030 N 2nd St [event listing link]
Stop #10 1:50-2:03 PM Standard Tap 901 North 2nd Street [event listing link]
Stop #11 2:17-2:30 PM Yards 500 Spring Garden St. [event listing link]
Stop #12 2:56-3:07 PM BRU 1316 Chestnut St. [event listing link]
Stop #13 3:08-3:19 PM Tradesmans 1322 Chestnut St. [event listing link]
Stop #14 3:21-3:34 PM Time & Bar 1315 Sansom St.
Stop #15 3:35-3:48 PM Fergie's 1214 Sansom Street
Stop #16 3:58-4:09 PM Varga 941 Spruce Street [event listing link]
Stop #17 4:21-4:34 PM 12 Steps Down 767 S. 9th Street [event listing link]
Stop #18 4:41-4:52 PM Chick's 1804 Washington Ave [event listing link]
Stop #19 4:59-5:10 PM Devil's Den 1148 S 11th St [event listing link]
Stop #20 5:16-5:27 PM Garage Passyunk 1231 E Passyunk Ave [event listing link]
Stop #21 5:34-5:45 PM POPE 1501 E Passyunk Ave
Stop #22 5:55-6:06 PM Pistolas Del Sur 1934 E Passyunk Ave [event listing link]
Stop #23 6:13-6:24 PM 2nd District 1939 S Bancroft St
Stop #24 6:34-6:45 PM Brewery ARS 1927-29 W Passyunk Ave [event listing link]
Stop #25 7:00 PM Opening Tap - 2300 Arena 2300 S Swanson St [event listing link]

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