Thursday, February 02, 2012

Teresa's Next Door, the Super List for Saturday

Remember that event at Teresa's you may have learned about earlier today in the weekly TBL calendar of beer events? This one deserves a bit more telling.

Rather than try to compete on Sunday, plus they don't have a television, thank goodness, anyway -- Andy and the Teresa's Next Door staff will be treating us all on Saturday (tomorrow) to a Super draft lineup of the following:

Russian River
- Blind Pig
- Consecration
- Pliny the Elder
- Salvation
- Supplication
- Temptation

- Scratch 55, a double IPA

- Canadian Breakfast Stout '10
- Canadian Breakfast Stout '11

- Fou Foune (hand pump)
- Iris (hand pump)

How does that work for you? Impressed?

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