Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 2/27/12

February may only have 29 days, but even for the dead of winter, there was no shortage of beer news to share. Here's a bit more from the last week of the month.

~ Lew Bryson, Senator McIlhenny, and a roomful of beer lovers discussed evolving legislation at Yards on 2/9. Philly Beer Scene's Mat Falco was there and shared audio from the event.

~ While we're on the topic of Yards, has an interview with Yards' Tom Kehoe and the recently-dismissed operations manager, Steve Mashington. They discussed the phenomenal growth and plans at the brewery over the past few years.

~ Chris LaPierre, Philly Beer Week 2012's collaborative brewer from Iron Hill, has blogged some words and pictures from the big brew day over at Brasserie Dupont in Belgium.

~ About Philly Beer Week, wish I'd written this, but then again I wasn't there. Great piece by this beer guy Craig LaBan ;-)

~ "The end result is an elegant and succinct brewery/cafe space, with floor drains in every room, that can comfortably house one hundred and eleven people enjoying a glass of Saison." That's a quote in a recent blog post from Jean Broillet, owner of the soon-to-be Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore, Pa., a place that from that quote makes me very anxious to be paying customer there.

~ Evil Eye PA. They're calling it a sessionable IPA and, at 6%, it'll be pushing that boundary a bit for some. None the less, these new suburban Philadelphian brewers, Luke Bowen, Trevor Hayward, and Mark Braunwarth, at Evil Genius are contracting their beers out of Four Horseman in South Bend, Indiana and if you've seen any of their beer around the area, share with the group please.

~ I've still got a few more spoonfuls of chili to work off from yesterday's Chili Challenge at Victory. They've got all sorts of fun planned to coincide this year with the brewery's 16th anniversary. A new one I learned of was the new Chocolate Lager, brewed in collaboration with nearby Eclat Chocolate in West Chester, Pa. This beer won't last long, so get yourself to the pub soon and try this delicious beer.

~ How about one more bit from Victory? Matt Krueger is still raising money to fight the good fight against cancer. Here's a way that your contributions can benefit you. Do the right thing.

~ Female fans of great beer continue to band together in appreciation and support of their favorite beverage. The West Chester Beer Ladies group continues to grow and now they'll be brewing a beer at the West Chester location of Iron Hill. On Wednesday, in two days, they'll be gathering at Iron Hill to toss back a few beers, announce the collaboration brew, and hear from guest brewer, Whitney Thompson, of Victory Brewing.

~ One last blurb from SF Beer Week comes in the form of a 15 minute long video wrap up of Celebrator Magazine's anniversary party, which every year is a Bay Area Beer Highlight. (Philly Beer Week shout-out at 10:40)

~ And in other northern California news, for those of you that love the behind-the-scenes type of stuff and Pliny the Younger too, you'll probably like this video shot during the initial brewpub release of PtY.

~ Must not be much of a man, if twisting a cap makes him feel like one. Loser. Keep drinking the swill and puffing the chest.

~ And, while you're at it Einstein, keep rubbing your nose grease and boogers and sticking it in your beer to kill the head. Thanks, Mr. Sixpack for an informative article. Or you could treat your beer and pour it properly to begin with.

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