Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 11/12/12

With yesterday's Harrisburg Marathon behind me, pretty certain that you'll see a solid uptick from me here in the beer world. 'bout time, don't you think? First up, let's get the weekly rundown of recent and interesting stories from here and there.

~ Jeremy Nolen has the Wursthaus Schmitz stall opened at the city's historic Reading Terminal Market. That, in case it's not clear, is a very good thing. I should hopefully have a chance to stop there later this week.

~ Haven't linked to Suzy Woods in a while. Here she points out how Ommegang/Duvel has responded to the devastation of Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy.

~ Jump over here to see why Lew Bryson doesn't think Privatization is dead in Pennsylvania.

~ SAVOR is moving to NYC next year.

~ This article has really burned some people up. I say, step outside of our great-tasting world of "craft" beer and think what all the hubbub sounds/looks like from afar. On one hand, some suggest this could be just link baiting, but also consider that this is the exact flavor of opinion that I hear at least once a week from people who just don't get it or have no interest in getting it.

So, there's this writer guy Queenan has an opinion about what he sees in the beer world from afar. He doesn't seem to make any misrepresentations about who he is or, for that matter, what he knows...or wants to know. His only misstep, it seems, is to have suggested "...want people to cut this out..." Otherwise, he appears to be stating an opinion which I'm pretty sure he's free to do.

Let's leave it at that, nothing more to see here, move along. Still, there's no harm, in my opinion, in reading it. I don't think we really have to worry about him moving the needle with this article.

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