Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Please help me raise money for NYC

Most of you know that since 2005, I've put a lot of time and energy into promoting great beer here at The Brew Lounge. I've also talked a bit about my love for running and the intersection of the beer and running worlds. Even put on annual "beer run" event during Philly Beer Week.

I don't ask for any financial support directly in return from any of you. Indirectly, perhaps. Like now.

Instead of the 2012 NYC Marathon last weekend, I'll be running the Harrisburg Marathon this coming Sunday, November 11.

I've set up a way for you to support me by supporting the Central Park Conservancy. Many of you have likely found a way to donate (probably) to the American Red Cross, primarily for humanitarian relief funding in the aftermath of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. That is a very good place to direct donations.

Here is a chance to support the wonderful Central Park in Manhattan, which also suffered quite a bit of damage. The money you donate to the foundation will aid in the rehabilitation and ongoing mainenance of the Park.

If you've ever walked, rode, ran, picnicked, or otherwise enjoyed Central Park, you know what a treasure it is for the City. Heck, if you've enjoyed any Park anywhere, you know how important they are to a community's fabric.

Please show your support for me and the work I do here at The Brew Lounge by visiting the donation page and contributing to this worthwhile cause. No financial benefit whatsoever comes back to me through this endeavor.

[Link to Crowdrise donation page.]


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