Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 12/3/12

Bunch of interesting stuff to share with you from the wide world of great beer. Let's get it started with some lists out of Philly.

~ There's a tiny little part of me that for a few seconds actually wonders about the quality of life of the folks spewing the hate in the comments again in this year's Top 50 Bar list over at Foobooz. Actually, if you don't think real hard about them (and, really you shouldn't), they could provide a bit of comedy in your day. Check out the Top 50 Philadelphia Bars according to the Foobooz poll of a bunch of industry, as well as unimportant periphery industry no-nothings, such as me (otherwise I would've been called in some of the comments as well, right?). FWIW, my submitted top ten list has 5 in the Top 10, three that fell in positions 11-50, and two that didn't make the Top 50 at all. And, I didn't cast a vote for anyplace not in Philadelphia; how else can you call it a Top 50 Philadelphia Bars list? (sorry, I do really find it to be a fine list; my sarcasm is directed solely at the commenters and their, uh, "comments")
~ There's a new Gastropub in town. Unfortunately, not a new category name for it other than Gastropub.
~ File under FWIW….here's another fine list, but once again, in my constant complaint, they could've stuck with just Philly Proper.
~ In other comings and goings and a blast from the past, the former Dickens Inn (or Dark Horse, if you prefer) has a new name but reportedly much of the same feel. That sounds like a good thing.

~ SAVOR is moving (for one year) to NYC from DC. Thomas Cizauskas has a few words to share about that.
~ Ride. Tour. Eat. Beer. Sleep. Repeat. Looks like something fun to do from a new follower of The Brew Lounge on Twitter.
~ So this has popped up on the calendar. Interesting.

~ If you're a fan of American Craft Beer, you should know a little of its history. Basic Brewing Radio has great material about the landmark New Albion beer and its brewer, Jack McAuliffe. Head to BBR's directory of podasted material or here is a direct link to the MP3 file for your listening enjoyment and education. Looking forward to this beer hitting the market.
~ The Lagunitas/Tony Magee/Twitter never fails to disappoint. Actually, many points are difficult to contest and, frankly, would like to see more industry leaders addressing the current and future states of the industry in real terms.
~ BeerPulse also pointed us in this direction
~ The Wench (™?) shared a Conan O'Brien video with us and a glimpse into the life of a beer blogger
~ First Fortune Magazine and then the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It's no secret anymore, the big guys are gunning for us.
~ No doubt "blogging" is seeing in some ways its end of days. Can't say that I'm sorry, you'll surely know what I mean by that if you've ever heard me grouse about the state of affairs in the written word. Here's a view from the world of cocktail "blogging". So many good takeaways. By way of Stan Hieronymous.

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