Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 12/10/12

Reading up on the news of the brewing world across the many miles of my recent travels, there has certainly been a much larger dose of negatively-toned news. Trademarks being contested (not like in the "old" days of Russian River and Avery) and egos taking center stage as markets explode are just two loud examples of attention-grabbing headlines that I've occasionally pointed out to you here in the past.

For the remaining weeks of 2012, my focus will attempt to stay true to the positive. There's plenty of it available, so let's get to it here this Monday morning. Cheers!

~ Hard to argue that this is positive news to kick things off here in the City of Culinary Love.
~ reports that another bar from part of the Sunny In Philadelphia crew that brought us Mac's Tavern in Old City is imminent farther across town.
~ Every flight to/from San Francisco reminds me of the great conversation about beer, the Phillies, running, and the Bay Area with Andy Musser aboard the cross-country flight that he was taking to head out to the annual Anchor Christmas party. That took place again this past week, the first one without Musser, who died earlier this year. Joe Sixpack remembered him at Fergie's Pub in Philly and wrote about it. Sounds like the perfect tribute at the right time of year.

~ I'm a fan of Greg Heller-LaBelle's writing (The Pour Curator, e.g.), so I'm glad to see what he'll be taking up next in the world of great beverages.
~ A very cool look at the good people at Iron Hill and their approach to the annual Great American Beer Festival in Denver. And, if that didn't fill your Iron Hill newsy needs……
~ Here comes #11. Ardmore, to be exact. A place I used to call home is getting even richer with great beer. I first told you about it back (oops, no I didn't, I kept it to myself when I was told in confidence during a casual off-the-record conversation), Jack Curtin teed the story up last week (because that's where you go for breaking news, not here), and the Inquirer followed through with the "official" word. Wasn't too hard to predict the no-nothings in the comments coming out of the woodwork to bash what is widely considered a highly-reputable "chain" of brewpubs.
~ Victory continues its progress at the future Parkesburg site. They've got a few words and a fun video update over at their website. Makes me think about taking a ride out west to check out the progress in person.

~ Here's one for you homebrewers out there. Ever hear of Contract Homebrewing? Southern Brew News will fill you in.
~ Stan Hieronymous and Draft Magazine. There they go again asking us to think about tasting and smelling our beer. Pretty sure something good can come of this.
~ I can't say I've sat in any bar that looks like just about any of these. Some look like a lot of fun and others, well. You?

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