Monday, July 08, 2013

Catching up with a few of my recommended reads (aka a little click-love for The Brew Lounge)

I've heard you guys tell me that you'd check out more often the stuff I put up over at The Washington Times if I'd only just help point you in that direction.

Let's see if this works. Here are links to the last three things I've done over there and, as always, your "click-throughs" are much appreciated, particular since the bean-counters like to count that sort of thing to determine how "valuable" a writer's contributions are.

York County beer-trippin' (not sure if you all know some of the good stuff that is somewhat quietly popping up around the State's bible belt)

Conclusion of Philly Beer Week (because no one gets tired of reading about Philly Beer Week, right?!)

Father's Day recommendations (sure, it's a bit dated now a month later, but check it out anyway as I pander for your clicks ;-)

Simi Wine Dinner at Viviano in King of Prussia (because I know a whole bunch of you, including some that won't admit it, like the grape-y stuff as much as the barley beverage. Plus, there's good food happening there too and I know you all like that.)

Recipes from Simi Winery (because I know many of you like to cook as well as brew. Here are a couple of challenges as well as a relatively easier one. Mushrooms, pizza, risotto, and peaches. Check it out.)

Thanks for your continued support!

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