Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 7/27/13

I long ago lost the ability to keep up with even half the beer news out there in the wild and wacky world of craft beer. There was a time I attempted daily (or even more frequent) updates with interesting tidbits from around the brewniverse along with small contributions of my own thoughts.

That has yielded to my weekly updates that you'll find here every Saturday morning with some of what I consider to be some of the more interesting news out there that you might like to add to your weekend reading list (or Monday morning at work, depending upon your preference).


~ The latest installment of Basic Brewing Radio is out and this episode (7/25/13) focuses on the Philadelphia Beer Tour stop at Forest & Main that I took the BBR crew to during the National Homebrewers Conference. Also, when at their site, check out the Chris LaPierre (Iron Hill-Maple Shade) episode if you've not previously done so.

~ I really love this beer and think if you don't know anything about it, you should check it out at some point this weekend at Devil's Den.

~ Jack Curtin points us to two articles this past week in the local Inky about our favorite beverage. One about bottle shops from Mr. Sixpack and one about beer gardens from Mr. Laban. Oh and this one, also in the Inquirer, was forwarded along by reader and friend, Richard.

~ Wegmans is now carrying on their Pub draft lines, the exclusively-brewed Tale Chaser IPA from Sly Fox.

~ Get ready for some more, much more, Dogfish Head beer.

~ Jeff over at Beer-Stained Letter has some details about what's happening with Flying Fish's former location.

~ A decent read about the current state of Lancaster County's brewing scene.

~ And, finally, while we're cruising the scene, Jack Curtin checks in with some news from Delaware.

~ I don't agree that we need to be all that "hard line" about it, but there is a good bit of buzz around session beers of late, something that our friend Lew Bryson has been taking up for quite some time. One of his latest pieces brings attention to Founders, before moving on to talking about Notch, Boulevard, and Tired Hands.

~ Bryson also pointed us to this article, a solid one that reminds me of where I was this past week.

~ More beer for NYC mentioned in the NY Times and caught by reader and friend John.

~ You may have heard that tickets go on sale next week.

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