Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Beer News You Should Know - Mar. 2016

I may have to reconsider the frequency that I distribute these notes. No surprise that March had plenty to talk about. They're all shared below, and then some.

(in no particular order)

Monk's Cafe - Monk's Cafe turned 19 and also had a pretty successful Pliny the Younger Day.

Beer for Breakfast in Philly - Mashing in always reminds me of breakfast cereal. So, beer for breakfast? Of course. Nice little rundown here. Hawthornes, good call. Grey Lodge also does some nice early morning special beer events too. And Molly Malloy's too, as I pointed out in the comments. [Link to Draft Magazine]

Barren Hill - Barren Hill to close. Old Eagle and Devil's Den to remain open. [Link to Philly.com]

Fork & Ale - The long-awaited second location for Gary and Melissa Fry of Craft Ale House in Limerick is finally set to open in Union Township/Birdsboro. [Link to Fork & Ale's website]

Wine in Fishtown - No, we're off the beer topic for one stop here. Fishtown has plenty of that already so I'm going on the record as saying this sounds like a pretty good idea. [Link to Philly.com]

Oakbrook Brewing Company - Oakbrook Brewing Company is open for business in Reading, near Alvernia University. [Link to Oakbrook's FB page]

Cigar City - Cigar City goes the way of private equity, the same as Oskar Blues' path. [Link to Brewbound]

Doylestown Brewing Company - Doylestown Brewing Company making some waves in Bucks County. [Link to Doylestown Patch page]

Iron Hill - Iron Hill could be double its current size in just a few more years with its recent private equity (undisclosed amount) investment. [Link to Philly.com]

Ramblings of a Beer Runner - I've always loved reading Derrick Peterman's thoughtful writing of the intersection of fitness and consumption. [Link to Ramblings of a Beer Runner]

Spring House Brewing Company - I should have brought attention to this sooner. And, I definitely should check it out in person even sooner. [Link to Spring House's website]

Evil Genius Brewing Company - Very happy to hear that Evil Genius will finally be getting its own brick-and-mortar. [Link to The Spirit of The River Wards]

Deschutes Brewing Company - Deschutes finally made a decision: it's Roanoke. I've lost track if NC or VA is currently in the lead for scoring new breweries. [Link to Deschutes' website]

Cinder - Interesting new concept coming soon from those behind BrĂ¼ and U-Bahn. [Link to Philly.com]

Yards Brewing Company - I, too, have been enjoying the recent Yards messaging.[Link to Philly.com]

Sly Fox & Stone - These two recently got together to do a collaboration for the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference in Philly and then they had a little event at Bistro On Bridge. [Link to My Beer Buzz]

Fishtown Beer Runners - This came out a while back and won some nice acclaim and the Pinkenson Award Local Feature Competition. I'm doing a book event with them next Thursday, so now seems as good a time as ever to remind you that you can rent the movie for $1.99 or buy it for $6.99. It's very good. Go watch it. [Link to the movie's website]

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