Friday, February 03, 2017

February 2017: News update, part 1

Nobody can cover all the news and you guys seem to really be digging these news updates. I'll keep doing 'em until you say stop...or there's no more news to report.

~ Those of you that have been to Hawaii or are daydreaming about an upcoming vacation, you'll be glad to know this. [link to Maui Brewing Company]

~ He's one of ours, you know? [link to New York Post]

~ Like what these guys have done in Manayunk; nice to see them pop up in Queen Village. [link to Passyunk Post]

~ Great first hand look at Philly Goes To Belgium with 2SP for Philly Beer Week 2017. [link to Draft Magazine]

~ Seems like a pretty nice score for Baltimore County. [link to Baltimore Sun]

~ This is, imo, one of the less controversial, and more welcome, lists. Nicely done. [link to Food And Wine]

~ Interesting times at Green Flash, as I think about visiting Virginia Beach. [link to The Full Pint]

~ Been a fan, as many are, of Mitch Steele for quite some time. Here's what he's up in an attempt to make 'Lanta hotter. [link to Hop Tripper]

~ Huh. Color me surprised...again. [link to The Town Dish]

~ Will put this on my list for when I'm in Pittsburgh later this month. [link to The Full Pint]

~ Haven't known quite what to make of Red Star in Exton. Here's something new they've got going on. [link to The Town Dish]

~ Great story of a collaboration to make a grabbable beer. [link to Denver Post]

~ And here's what happens when you mix your politics with your business. [link to Sacramento Bee]

~ Speaking of the government, while we likely won't see any homebrewed beer at 1600 Pennsylvania, beer is on the mind of the Smithsonian and it will be fun to track this project. [link to Brewers Association]

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