Friday, October 13, 2017

Would you like to have my tickets to Pottstown Brew Fest?

On Saturday, October 28, the Norco Fire Company is playing host for the third year to the Pottstown Brew Fest. I can't attend but made arrangements with the organizers to pass the two tickets on to one lucky winner.

How do you put your name on them? Well, if you've been around here long enough, you know of my fondness for numbers. Do the math, do it correctly, be the first to provide the correct answer (in the comments section), and those tickets will be in your pocket.

What number day of this year is the Pottstown Brew Fest taking place on?
Multiply that by the number of beers and other drinks that their website claims you'll be able to sample
Then, multiply by the cost of (1) general admission ticket that you'll be saving by winning this contest
Then, multiply by the minimum age required to attend

Take the result of all the above multiplication and subtract from it the ZIP Code of the Norco Fire Company.

Divide this result by Pi, to seven decimal places (because Pi, and pie, is a good thing)

What's the answer? First correct answer wins!

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