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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's not always about the perfect pairing

Much to my dismay, my pre-long run carbo-loading ritual of Cajun Chicken Alfredo pasta dish has disappeared from the menu at TJs in Paoli. When I needed to carb up prior to a long run this past weekend, a new menu regular attempted to take its place. It seemed to have fared pretty well in my first go-round with it.

Gnocchi with wild mushrooms, sage, and shaved Parmesan. It was just right -- not too fluffy, not too dense.

Then, I needed one low alcohol beer to accompany this plate of food. In this case, I wasn't so concerned about the perfect pairing, rather I was looking for low-alcohol beer refreshment.

Bell's Oarsman did just the trick and was an easy-drinking and pleasing glass of beer at 4% ABV. It was berliner-weisse-esque in its tartness -- though, not quite as much so -- and with light citrus qualities. It will not go anywhere close to ranking as a great pairing, but sometimes that's not what it's all about.

And when the following day brings a super-strong 13.4 mile run, all's good. Though, it won't stop me from lamenting the passing of the Cajun Chicken Alfredo at TJ's.

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