Saturday, March 19, 2011

If I was not so responsible, I'd be at TJ's all night

No pictures to share. Just another story about the perfect picture of neighborhood restaurant and bar that is TJ's in Paoli.

Stopped in tonight mainly to have dinner and get in to a few beers from the Global Brewers Guild portfolio.

Sort of like catching up with old friends. Smuttynose Old Brown Dog and Robust Porter taste as good as ever. And Allagash's Curieux still does it for me.

Sunday should be a good day to stop in and pick up some of what's left on tap. When we left, 3 of the 20+ special event beers had kicked. Seeing the healthy crowd that remained and knowing a few of their faces, I'd say a couple more, at least, may kick tonight. All in all, another good-looking night and event at TJ's.

Speaking of old friends, not only did Patty and I run into quite a few friends, it seemed like the kind of night that takes place often at TJ's. Maybe the NCAA tournament was also partly to blame, but it seemed like there were many groups of customers that knew each other that were having the kind of quintessential pub experience that we'd hope all could have.

Also saw three folks that were also at The Khyber Pass Pub earlier today. That's quite some staying power and healthy livers at work!

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