Thursday, March 10, 2011

You say you want to try Pliny the Younger but keep missing it? Here's a chance to try it for free, but you'll need to act quickly

The excitement for this beer still shows little sign of waning. According to owner Howard Weintraub, last night his Drafting Room in Exton pre-sold all tickets in 20 minutes for the Pliny the Younger tapping this Saturday during his annual HopFest event.

All except for two.

He has made two tickets available for me to give away to lucky readers of The Brew Lounge. But, I won't make it that easy for you.

I'm a numbers guy and I sense that many of you (particularly the homebrewers in the crowd) are as well.

So here's the deal. You're gonna have to act fast on this one if you want a chance to taste this highly-sought after and praise-lavished beer.

Be one of the first two to respond with the correct answer to this little Russian River-inspired numbers game and you'll score yourself a free glass of Pliny the Younger this Saturday, March 12 at The Drafting Room in Exton, Pa.

One ticket per winner. Two winners.

All of the answers to these questions are not too difficult to find with some low-to-medium web sleuthing skills. Good luck!

s1- Take Russian River owner Vinnie Cilurzo's age. Multiply it by...

s2- The date in February this year when Russian River's brewpub kicked its last keg of Pliny the Younger

s3- Take this result and first add the year in which Cilurzo took ownership of Russian River Brewing Company, then subtract...

s4- The percentage ABV of Pliny the Younger; use whole number, don't convert it to decimal format (according to the brewery's website)

s5- Take this last result and divide it by the IBUs of Pliny the Elder (according to the brewery's website)

In other words, just to help those a little less math-inclined:
( ( s1 * s2) + s3 - s4) / s5

Provide the final result to at least two decimal places of accuracy to

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