Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Next you know they'll be propagating their own yeast

At Sixteen Hundred Pennsylvania Brewing Company (just kidding), the story of the on-premise homebrewed beer created at the White House for the Super Bowl has been well-circulated by this point. It's been a solid month now, but I was still considering working some contacts in D.C. in an attempt to get a more detailed story out of the people involved with the homebrew project.

Now I don't have to.

ObamaFoodorama covers the White House's culinary adventures and has filed a detailed insider story of White House Honey Ale. The new nugget I found half way through was the comment about growing hops in the White House garden. Pickling, cheese making, homebrewing, and hops growing. The bumper stickers bemoaning lack of change must not have checked out the kitchen and garden at the White House.

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