Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft Beer Express '11, the itinerary

The Craft Beer Express on Saturday March 12.

This certainly has turned into quite "the thing". A bevy of bars banding together and putting on a day-long set of events all tied together with continually-running shuttle buses. I know quite a few people that will be using the bus and gunning to make all 12 establishments during the 10 hour span. I will employ our normal m.o. and pick 2-4 places that look most interesting and focus on a few quality hours instead.

That reminds me: shuttle buses. Something that I wish would be orchestrated during Philly Beer Week. I seem to recall that it was attempted in the first year, but was not successfully executed. I don't believe that it has been attempted since.

Buses can be expected out front of each bar roughly every 25 minutes and a bracelet for riding the bus costs $10 per person for unlimited rides from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The events below are listed in alphabetical order and bus riders will be able to begin their pub crawl at any location.

Bishop's Collar: Pouring some amazing beers from Unibroue. Tap list will include at least the following: Blanche de Chambly; Ephemere; Maudite; Terrible; and Trois Pistoles
Brauhaus Schmitz: "Operation Imitation." The best German beers that aren’t from Germany. At least 10 local craft German-style beers on draft.
Devil's Den: West Coast Extravaganza, featuring Russian River, Stone, Lagunitas, Lost Abbey, & Port Brewing
Johnny Brenda's: The 3rd Annual Stout Brunch & Smorgasbord
Jose Pistolas: Southern Tier Brewing & Live Music
Kite & Key: Barrels Of Bell's Brewing
Kraftwork: The Bella Vista Experience. Handpicked varieties from around the world.
P.O.P.E.: "Girls Day Out." Suzy from Sly Fox, Wendy from Dogfish Head, & Megan from Ommegang
Race Street Cafe: Great Lakes Brewing featuring Great Lakes Beers on draft, giveaways, and live music.
Sidecar: Annual IPAs Greatest Hits all weekend long. The top 30 IPAs available in the commonwealth
Standard Tap: Big Wood Weekend. All things Wood, Smoked & Barrel-aged
The Institute: The Beast Of Times The Wurst Of Times. Beastly Barelywines and kick-ass hotdogs and sausages for your eating and drinking enjoyment.

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