Saturday, February 12, 2011

Iiiiiiiiitttsss Baaaaack

The hub-bub has once again begun. Seems that after a few years, Pliny the Younger may not yet have jumped the shark. Again this year, the message boards are lighting up with crazed angst amongst the geekerie for the wheres, hows, whereforths, and howwiths....and whatnot.

It got me to remembering one very short year ago -- well, actually 11 months -- to when TJ's poured 70 glasses worth of this hoppy delight. It surprised me today, in hindsight, that I wrote so much about it.

But, then it got me salivating when I read way down in the fine print about the true highlight of the day for me....the Mushroom Burger with a glass of Brooklyn Monster Barleywine. Oh, and the Supplication wasn't too bad either.

This year, TJ's has announced that they will not announce when the PtY goes on tap. I've suggested 2:30pm on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon as a social experiment of sorts to see how many leave work and/or hurt any people or animals in their way to get to the beer before it kicks.

Oh, and if you do happen across some Pliny the Younger, please don't funnel it into any glass bottle for future resale. It's just not cool. It makes you look like a real tool. A sad tool. Without a life. Really.

But, of course, this hysteria has raised an interesting question.


tom foley said...

Let us hope that this year's batch is worthy of the hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Nugget Necter hype seems to be down. Maybe because it's not as good as last years batch. Not by much though.