Friday, February 18, 2011

Craft Sales numbers up again

Interesting news from the Brewers Association yesterday. (Thanks to Jack Curtin for heads-up.)

Market share for craft beer, based on dollars, has grown to 9.4% as of 2010 year-end. Pretty incredible growth considering five years ago, that statistic was nearly half at 5.4% of total sales. went live in the second half of 2005 -- not that I'm suggesting any correlation.

But, with distributor and retail costs rising (faster than raw material costs?), it makes me wonder if volume growth is nearly as steep as on a dollar basis.

It also makes me wonder if, with macro beer sales losing ground, on an equalized/normalized basis (does anyone attempt this?) how much different the share of market, both based on dollars as well as volume, would be?

Sorry, for asking more questions today than I've answered -- but maybe we can turn this into a conversation if some of you have the answers more readily available than I.

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