Saturday, February 19, 2011

The beer is still fresh in the growler

The Super Bowl was two weeks ago. Iron Hill served us up two pizzas and a growler of Pig Iron Porter for $25. The pizza disappeared, the growler stayed in our fridge since then — unopened.

Now, we're back from SF Beer Week and looking for beers to empty out of the refrigerator.

How will this Pig Iron Porter have held up over the past two weeks? It got me to recalling one of the most, still to this day, referred topics from The Google — the freshness of a growler over time.

Adam, now of The NonconFermist, in August of 2006 summarized some of the most important factors to consider on this topic.

My growler from Iron Hill certainly met all 3 of these conditions, plus one.

- filled to the very top,
- never opened,
- kept cold — plus,
- the Iron Hill bartenders have a tendency to triple-check that they've tightened down the lid as hard as they can

Just as roasty-tasting, slightly-bittered, foamy-looking as I'd expect it to have been two weeks ago. In light of all of the wonderful beer from the various Iron Hill locations in the past 5-10 years, this Pig Iron Porter is still one of my all-time favorites.


Dan Bengel said...

I opened not one, but two Victory German Growlers filled with Mad Elf after three years at CAH. It was very right smart.

Rich Isaacs said...

Weren't those specially filled though? Meaning the oxygen is pushed out with CO2 and it's sealed with a machine? A bit different than a bartender filling a growler with a hose and spinning the lid by hand.

Adam said...

Well, I have had a chance to test this past a week or so and it does work. Beer tasting from experience to experience is pretty subjective so I'll have to keep trying to collect more data ;-)